Year of the Orphan - US Edition

Year of the Orphan, complete with a brilliant new cover, arrives in the US on May 7 and my newly minted Amazon Author Page showcases exactly why I usually stick to writing instead of video! If you’d like to check out my cinematic masterpiece, know more about the book or pick up a copy, just hit the cover image, or here!

Writing Year of the Orphan - an interview with IGN

A couple of beers and a whole lotta conversation on how this book got made, recommendations in the genre and just how much of this story is based on real events. Listen here.

Year of the Orphan shortlisted for Best Science Fiction Novel - Aurealis Awards

Year of the Orphan

Outback Australia. Hundreds of years from now. After the end. A girl races across the desert pursued by the reckoner, scavenged spoils held close. In a blasted landscape of abandoned mines and the crumbling bones of civilisation, she survives by picking over the dead past. She trades her scraps at the only known settlement, a ramshackle fortress of greed, corruption and disease. An outpost whose only purpose is survival ­– refuge from the creatures that hunt beyond.

Sold then raised hard in the System, the Orphan has a mission, carries secrets about the destruction that brought the world to its knees. And she's about to discover that the past still holds power over the present.

Given an impossible choice, will the Orphan save the only home she knows or see it returned to dust? Both paths lead to blood, but whose will be spilled?

In a post-apocalyptic future, survivors scavenge in the harsh Australian outback. Living rough in the remnants of our ruined world, an orphan with her own brutal past must decide if what’s left of humanity is worth saving.


‘Dystopian tale-telling at its absolute best. A worthy successor to The Chrysalids and Riddley Walker.’ David Hunt

'The ravaged land and the intense, visceral voice of the Orphan make this an extraordinary and compelling read.' Isobelle Carmody

‘A brilliantly chilling post-apocalyptic world, evoked in a voice of spare, compelling beauty . . . every moment of the story is gripping and immediate. An all-around great novel.’ Sandra Newman

'Leaves you feeling like you’ve woken from a feverish dream.' Adrian J Walker